Red Flag Announcement

Leonardo G2  3 Meter

Length: 116″

Wing Span: 106″

Weight: 34lbs to 38lbs Take Off Weight

Engine Requirement: 180 to 210 for standard flight, 250 to 310 for 3D Flight

Landing Gear: Electron Fully Electric and Gyro stabilized Gear

Electronics: Customers preference, we recommend MKS servos and power system

Wiring: Spec Harness available for purchase

Leonardo PLUS 4 Meter

Length: 157″ ( 4 Meters / 13 feet)

Wing Span: 142″

Weight: 83lbs wet (LMTA-2 Requirement)

Engine Requirement: 300 to 400

Landing Gear: Electron Fully Electric and Gyro stabilized Gear

Requirements: MUST MEET ALL LMTA-2 REQUIREMENTS (Ask for Details)

Wiring: Power management System Required. Ie; Emcotec, Jeti Box, Powerbox, JR Xbus system etc.